Saturday, May 30, 2009


in hip hop one of the most prevalent ways in which a community can be formed and this is also why the hip hop community can successfully be so malleable in its makeup and dramatic metanarrative is through the collaboration of two artists now this is almost always essential in the creative process due to the fact that there are few mcs who produce all their own beats or vice versa but in terms of the publics perception of the collaboration there is still the multiple emcees per song where one mc guests on anothers album or mixtape or whathaveyou in order to do such varied things as showing solidarity marketing and friendly competition in that placing ones verse immediately adjacent to a contemporaries is always capable of envigorating the competitive nature of the game but perhaps the most important point that i am trying to make is in the difference between the contemporary scene of hip hop as opposed to previous iterations of music making wherein the only community visible was the self contained pseudo community of the band and interaction came only in the form of the suits of the record industry and possibly interchanging managers whereas as i have described above the hip hop community is just that an actual community that is created through artistic collaborations that take the movement ethos one step further than it has gone before in music not just releasing covers and split singles or albums but literally co existing with one another to create a music that challenges whole new aesthetic boundaries as well as defying so called conventions i am not sure how to describe this in neutral terms it seems every phrase that desires to spring forth from my fingertips is purely laudatory and my journalistic credibility may be threatened by this so i beg you to think of this particular post purely in terms of an opinion piece one artists philosophical wrestling with his medium in the infantile stages of its thought process committed to digital paper for the interactive element that is absolutely necessary to all philosophical and sociological epiphanies

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