Saturday, May 30, 2009

first post of the new year

yeah i know its late as fuck but i still gotta say that i am looking forward to 2009 i gotta lotta shit in the pipelines if you know what im saying and the new year has been pretty good to me i gotta say its been a hell of a ride so far but its only going to get crazier from hereonin the longer i been in the game the more respect i got for the cats who been doing this for decades theres people in this game whove been around since before the day i was born and that aint no fuckin joke if you know what im saying now even if i dont like some of those cats i gotta respect their hustle because thats what it is all about on some level no matter how much you want to try and reinterpret or distance yourself from that fact it is a pretty insurmountable absolute in this reality no matter what youre doing on some level youre hustling and the type of hustling that were all involved in differes from person to person but there are particular games you can get into and this rap game is one of the toughest games to get your money in even harder in many respects than the drug game though ive got no beef with those out there slanging since whether or not you like it you better fucking recognize the fact that motherfuckers slanging and transporting that shit are straight acting on the world stage buoying up nations and heavily impacting the international flow of capital and they have a lot of risk from every side of the so called justice system but thats all beside the point im saying that the rap game has a particular selectivity and highly hierarchical demeanour combined with this absurd determinations of taste and imagistic preference with everyone from record executives to fans to radio djs and while this isnt as necessarily life threatening as the issues that drug dealers might have to deal with they certainly cull tons of people out of the game making it a more selective field than just about any other hustle in the world but all of that is just sort of my musings what i really came to say was that this new year is going to be one hell of a new year if you know what im saying im pushing so much shit out this year you will not even believe it and one of those many things is going to be at least if i concede to my new years resolution the promised theory of lollipop that i put forth in an earlier blog entry its something ive been working on for such a long time now and i feel like if i do get it out its going to be a goddamn dissertation length hardass essay to read because despite what all the haters have been saying there is a wealth of implications and interesting details about that song in addition to it being a straight hip hop classic club banger with a straight phenomenal hook

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