Saturday, May 30, 2009

paradigmatic alterations

yeah so the title is a bit tongue in cheek but due to obvious events occurring i have been thinking a lot about things surrounding what is normally phrasally realized as a quote unquote paradigm shift and i thought that maybe one way to approach everything from the functional to the abstract slash theoretical realization or comprehension of this idea would be to attempt to apply it through the song lollipop off the album the carter iii now when i first attempted to start considering this application i really didnt know what to do with it there are no obvious or truly insightful lyrical markers of this phenomenon or at least no matter how hard i looked with the express purpose of finding one i couldnt which got me to thinking that there might be something else i should use some other song perhaps but then i started thinking harder about it and i realized that in a very real and important and productive sense the entire song lollipop off the album the carter iii is a musical instantiation and theorization of the paradigm shift not only in the usual historical perspective which common usage had caused a sort of blinder effect on my interpretation of the word which was now lost thanks simply to my new ability to see the idea in a new context but also the song lollipop off the album the carter iii works as a paradigm shift in a number of other ways some explicable and others completely inexplicable i would highly recommend that any readers out there who have taken anything up until now at all seriously would look at the song not simply as a song which is a thing that i have been sort of been saying below the surface of every post here but also and this is new as a functional paradigm shift from a non historical perspective now one way you could do this and im not saying this is the right way or that it is even necessarily the first step i am just providing it as an example in order to facilitate other new thought is to look at the rampant orality of the song as instead of taking part in the dialectics of power as taking part in the dialectics of altering the normative or naturalized functional versus pleasurable reality of the sexual act because oral sex lies in a space that is neither fully functional nor fully pleasurable neither is it fully entrenched in either camp of the natural versus unnatural or perverse camp it is in a sense used as a new paradigm which exists outside of personal binary structures but not in the sense that it subverts or annihilates them since it operates beside them another way to look at this for people who are not interested in reading about oral sex would be to look at the song lollipop off the album the carter iii from the perspective precisely of a historical paradigm shift the most obvious and manageable of these being the history of the career of the artist who produced now not only is the song lollipop off the album the carter iii one of the most highly regarded and loved songs that have come out of this particular artist it signalled the final mainstream introduction of the artist before the song lollipop off the album the carter iii the artist had undeniably had hits and was famous but the song lollipop off the album the carter iii indelibly intertwined the artist within popular culture and then we can use this personal biographical paradigm shift in order to look at a larger paradigm shift within the culture in the apparent cultural ramifications of the popularity of the song lollipop off the album the carter iii but then i will leave off here in order to tell you to listen to the song and to not take what i have to say as gospel truth

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