Saturday, May 30, 2009

personal entry

i just realized how much of a focus on abstract items this blog has carried from the outset and i decided that if i am going to have an internet brain dump it must equally function in terms of concrete brain and abstract brain sloughings there is nothing quite so inane as a blog that functions as a first person bildungsroman for the author who assumes himself to be the same as the narrator especially when the author is a grown man who has no reason to be coming to terms with himself i am doing my best with this blog to defy all sorts of non fiction narrative conventions not only by way of my style of stream of consciousness or whatever you would prefer to call it typographical style but also in projecting incohesiveness and half bakedness as legitimate without any sort of caveat or bullshit nb to convince people that i am actually smarter than this but i was just thinking or whatever and so mission statement aside i would like to enter into a recollection about my previous night in which i and a few of my friends sat in my kitchen for a few hours discussing such topics as dungeons and dragons blogs batman superman and comic canon and other inane but yet life defining subjects afterwards we went to albertsons to pick up some alcohol and i searched very hard for a wine that my friends parents make which ended in me texting him this was about midnight and then we returned to my place two people left to get drunk and the other friend stayed a bit then also left and i proceeded to read superman red son and listen to some of my more personally esteemed contemporaries until i got a return text message from said friend proclaiming his love for me and giving me the information i needed and after a short text message conversation the two of us ended and i went to bed

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