Saturday, May 30, 2009

a response to fellow personal blogger maggie may

a little while ago my fellow blogger maggie may whose blog you can find in the comments section of a few of my recent blogs note this is not true anymore but anyway she had deleted her blog not long after i originally created this blog so anyway she asked me a question about some espn thing that is a blog and i told her that i would let her know just why you could be assured that it wasnt me who wrote those and the reason as should be fairly obvious to anyone who knows me is that i am notorious for never writing anything down i do my best not to ever write anything down i dont believe in the immutability of signs in the way that the writing process seems to suggest now the next question you might pose to me after i do precisely what i say i never do is that why are you doing exactly what you just said you dont ever do how is writing about how one doesnt write proof that one did not write something and further is this lack of familiarity with the writing process the quote unquote truth behind the style with which you write to all that i would say it is much more complicated than that and as with all banal truths this one is as misleading and reductive as any other truth one could possibly imagine now as for the other part namely the question of why i am doing this if i am so averse to writing well that is a good one see the problem is that there is a broad aesthetic category which i am unable to access through any mode except for writing which was the impetus behind my creating the user account on last fm which then transmuted into this blog later on which will remain unnamed for the moment but which is an incredibly important thing which more people need to think about and consider the implications of in addition to that there are other more banal or artistically situated phenomena which also are inaccessible except through certain forms of writing and so i decided that the personal blog is the most effective way of producing as many of these ideas as possible and that therefore i had to begin one despite my as i stated before aversion to the medium inherent to the blog that is to say writing and so that is why i did not write the espn blog if you will

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