Sunday, January 31, 2010

something horrifying

everything i say at all points gets refracted through all those things i have said before and put in place to be observed sometimes other times it in fact does not get refracted through those things and is simply seen as it is with immediate context or perhaps even occasionally entirely divorced of context as in one person saying to another a quote or description completely outside of this medium that i exist exclusively within this whole thing of course not just in itself but also necessarily and obsessively and purposefully and hopefully refracted through the song lollipop off the album the carter iii something which in itself possesses something or perhaps nothing nevertheless you will all see this and perhaps you will listen to the song lollipop off the album the carter iii or perhaps you will turn to my earlier blog posts or perhaps you will discuss things with me outside of these mediums or these entrapments or perhaps you will discuss things with people outside of me outside of this medium or outside of me within this medium perhaps any of these things perhaps a million more and i will never know any of them nothing of this will affect me except mythologically or hopefully or destructively insofar as they will absentually find their way throughout whatever it is i am and mind and hurt

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