Saturday, May 30, 2009

accusations of ghostwriting

considering the fact that contemporary hip hop is built around certain ideas that stand as the way by which to judge the art form which are maintained by anyone with more than a passing interest in the genre inspired by the sudden burst in acceptability of rap in clubs and on television and mainstream radio there are certain things that can be brought to bear on a rapper that would be at worse entirely inconsequential in the rest of pop culture but which could be both the popular and critical death of a rapper and perhaps the most terrifying of these is the allegation of ghostwriting not only because these allegations need not be substantiated for the rumor to gain credence nor is it simply the fact that these accusations will stick around long after the rapper has become a popular legend or a critical darling and will always undermine even the most ardent of fan one thinks of the allegations of the ghost production that happened on nearly all eric b and rakim albums in analogy but the most terrifying thing about people believing that you are being ghostwritten for is that it an implicit criticism of the one thing that hip hop has had as its central tenet since the days of grandmaster flash and the furious five and which allows certain historians to trace its roots back to great orators like malcolm x and martin luther king jr that of above all else maintaining a reality which is exactly coherent with the reality which is prevalent among people on earth and since hip hop is a poetic form in which the narrator and the author are conflated if the narrator/author is revealed by way of ghostwriting to simply be the narrator then this central tenet is revealed to be indelibly blasphemed against making the rapper the equivalent of a christian who feels neither love nor fear but only malice toward his god and the fanbase which the rapper relies upon to carry forth his name after he is gone which is as i see it the true goal of all artists

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