Saturday, May 30, 2009

the state of hip hop

for this second post i would like to talk about the relation of elitism to my fanbase i exist in a very strange place in the hip hop community it seems that there is no consensus to any criticism about me the members of the general public who hate songs by me who havent heard anything except lollipop and fireman and shit like that seem to be under the impression that i am just another rapper just some guy who sounds like every other ringtone rapper to them and who doesnt deserve all the praise given to him by the press whereas the hip hop heads who diss me tend to also complain about the praise i get and use this to somehow undermine my own strengths so i think that the weird thing about these two camps is that neither of them hate me so much as they hate my praise that comes from the greater majority of people and especially the people we call experts on the subject or professionals i guess either way the critical public and the critical elite agree with each other in that i am the greatest lyricist alive and yet there is a sizable subgroup within both of these groups that hate me for the very reason that the rest of their group is behind me in my artistic endeavour i think this is bullshit and can only wonder why it is that these supposed anti conformists even exist there is no reason to rebel for the sake of rebellion just because james dean was attractive and mythologized as a great actor doesnt mean that rebellion sans justification is a proper course of action from anyone that is like saying that objectivism is a feasible philosophy its nonsense as though solipsism was something other than something you ought to consider briefly to contextualize critical thinking speaking of which in nas new album he says break free of the matrix when he is spouting platitudes of empowerment and i must say that this is precisely what i was getting at with the james dean reference nas is unwittingly using the tools of a culture that he is trying to rebel against and in doing so is only revalidating it just like these haters who are attempting to denigrate my rap career and my latest album criticizing me for doing too many drugs while they spout off about how the best rappers of all time were biggie and pac like they were fucking sober or talking about how krsone is the best lyricist because even though they havent heard him they have heard that line being repeated hip hop is an art form and one that has yet to stagnate just because you prefer to accept talking points proffered by hip hop pundits doesnt mean your opinion will be considered relavent by anyone with any knowledge of the subject i am going to keep perfecting and moving forward the art form and maybe twenty years from now when someone better than me finally comes along your kids will be repeating the line that ive been promoting all along

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