Saturday, May 30, 2009


the elitism that seems to be all pervasive in hip hop these days especially in that place known colloquially as the internet is something that is in my opinion a more important perpetrator of the nasian hip hop is dead syndrome than any sort of issue one might have with ringtone rap or the perceived content of the genre as a whole being unimpressive to use a euphemism this idea that the only real hip hop is wu tang or public enemy and rakim or whatever is contrary not only to the spirit of hip hop in general but also to the basic ethos of those artists as well as their taste and so forth i cannot claim that any one movement is better than another but this post backpacker mindset takes such a holier than thou mindset that it seems only justified to respond in kind fuck all that turn the other cheek dont stoop to their level shit this is a question of the viability of hip hop in the future not just mine but all of it there needs to be a re education of sorts in the fringe hip hop communities i fully respect independent artists but some of them are a cancer on the whole of art i cannot be accused of hyperbole because this is pure truth that i am typing i am certainly no savior of hip hop but I will do my best to protect that which i love i know i have sort of talked about this in my first blog entry but i see it more and more as the months go by and i just cannot handle this shit for much longer

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