Saturday, May 30, 2009

pitchfork review

i know youve all been waiting for me to respond to this so i think i will finally get around to it pitchfork medias review of the carter iii is somehow simultaneously both incredibly shameful and impossibly flattering i very much respect what the people at pitchfork are trying to do in general which is to say the way they are trying to revolutionize the review industry by creating a new paradigm in the business but all that aside they seem to think that they are capable of telling what to me is an entirely new audience their revisionist adaptation of my biography i would really prefer that they didn't have such a overseer mentality when they did it i mean honestly people trying to turn a living person into some sort of abstract story created as a marketing ploy in order to package a human being into some sort of bite size commodity i have always been against this and i though pitchfork with its alleged antiestablishmentism would be as well but it seems that they are just as big of shills as the rest of the media outlets and i can honestly say this saddens me quite a bit however i dont want to dwell on the negatives when they were so respectful of my artistry and as such i must say that i still have the feeling that pitchfork holds the capacity to reform the review industry as we know it if only they will get rid of these slave owner mentalities that they quite obviously possess but would never admit to in any case i would like to thank and warn pitchfork in their wonderful review of me keep on guys i respect you

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