Saturday, May 30, 2009


sorry about my internet hiatus guys i was busy and without access to the internet i plan on returning to semi regularly update this blog again though i know it has been a bit of a fitful post history in the past but i respect everyone who has checked it even once it is not easy to let this kind of personally important but publically insignificant information out into the world in a way that doesnt run the risk of mockery or whatever but yeah this blog has been very therapeutic for me in not only the emotional sense but also intellectually im sure ill look back on this blog and laugh one day but that will merely be because i will have grown as a human being then not because what i said here today was supposed to be intended with the utmost deadly sincerity i just need to get things into the world in a way that doesnt require that they are written in verse and repeated a ton of times that repetition can be a powerful rhetorical tool but it can also act like a cattle prod just poking and poking and poking until all thats left is a big fucking hole where your skin used to be i am glad to be back the other thing i wanted to talk about was that i have been listening to a lot of lollipop as usual and i am really starting to wonder what the impetus behind the semi onomatopoeic words was i really need to interrogate this further

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