Saturday, May 30, 2009

open letter

note i wrote this in response mostly to the people visiting my page and talking shit but it is relevant to this forum too dont think i dont check the comments i get so i did a little editing and here it is this is an open letter to everyone trying to tell me that i am not the real wayne i would just like to say fuck off just because you are a bunch of cynical fucks who can't comprehend the possibility of a celebrity having free time or even existing outside of the spotlight doesnt mean that some dont there is something insipid about all of your blase conceitedness that really does not fail to annoy me and it is not my problem that you have all failed to comprehend the fact that anonymity works in more ways than simply allowing for the impersonation by a nobody of a celebrity honestly there is a lot to be said about how fucked the celebrity culture we are living in today is and i cant say im proud to be part of it but fuck you if you think that means i am not going to accept credit where credit is due or that i am going to pull some bullshit buckethead slipknot residents crap in some bullshit self effacement wankfest there is a thin line that i walk and i wont have it erased by some internet personas constantly assaulting my integrity

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