Saturday, May 30, 2009

i fucked up

i was just listening to lollipop and i realized that i have been fucking up big time with this blog i mean i havent once mentioned the homie static major and he made that fucking song without him that song wouldnt be half as good as i was listening to it i finally got past trying to determine all the intricacies of the lyrics and the interaction with the beat and i started listening to the way static major sang and holy fucking shit man that guy was definitely one of the best i cant believe hes gone the pathos with which he sings elements of that song are just absolutely remarkable especially considering how it is on the surface just some generic club banger that can get the people moving but i mean honestly listen to the last bit of that song when he is singing as though through clenched teeth it really creates a wholly alternative feel to the song it sort of wraps everything within the song together and spits out a whole different monster seriously if you could hear the song without that singing at the end you would be surprised how different it sounds and it isnt like those awful twist endings that simply redirect the plot in an unexpected direction it is something much more deeply powerful that redirects the entire emotion of the piece without contradicting anything that has come before i think that people should really give more credit to static major i mean i dont think people in general consider that song enough or think highly enough of it based on my own listening experience but now i dont think that based just on the production and the lyricism but also on the remarkably artistic and brilliant work of the late static major

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