Saturday, May 30, 2009


i know a lot of people love this song but there are a number of people with good reasoning skills who hate my new song lollipop and i would like to address this to them i truly believe this is one of the few times in life when the saying all naysayers be damned is a proper course of action to take because there is nothing in this song worthy of your hatred aside from the self assured elitist hatred of populist artistry i am not trying to call all of my detractors elitist but i would make it known that these people are unable to be reasoned with and that this causes me no qualms but as for the others who have a distaste for my song i would say that the most prevalent are those who may be offended by it which is to say those of us who have been conditioned to respond to any mention of fellatio with the idea that it inherently denotes some sort of sexist power dynamic which i very much disagree with in that this power dynamic is certainly easily arguable but nevertheless exists purely in metaphor i dont know about you but there have been plenty of times where i was getting head and it produced in me no desire to subjugate women or even a disdain for the woman in particular who performed the act the truth of the matter is that fellatio has a very distinct and confused place within our culture and that it is one of the sticky points which must be interrogated through roundabout means namely art and that is what i am trying to do albeit in such a way as to not preclude the average listener from both listening to and enjoying my music i have some of the undisputed best producers in the world behind me and have won numerous awards for my lyricism it seems to me that at this point in my career i might be able to create a work that plays with conventional understandings of broad cultural metaphors and not immediately decried as sexist lollipop is not exactly the culmination of art or anything but neither is it some thoughtless bit of anti feminist misogyny and i would just appreciate the openmindedness of my audience and hope that those who would level such heinous charges would not do them so lightly as to just name them as being true without proper analysis of the situation and the particularity and not just some broad generalization about the state of music or culture or rap or whatever next time i post i will aim my sights at another of these groups of haters thank you for reading

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